Respite Care

Sometimes a break from caring for a loved one can make the world of difference.  Respite Care is a term used to describe placing a person into residential care for a short period of time (usually a minimum of two weeks and generally a maximum of 63 days in a financial year).  Respite can be a wonderful opportunity for the client to have a change of scenery, meet new people and experience receiving care from others.  Respite is also an excellent break for the carer, who may be experiencing fatigue, stress, poor health or even “carer burnout”.

If you would like to discuss respite as an option for your loved one, please chat with us about arranging this for you.  At Your Aged Care Companion we are passionate about supporting carers, so when you engage us to source respite for your loved one, we will also discuss strategies for managing in the home once they return.  This may include navigating the aged care system, identifying suitable providers and exploring associated costs as well as linking you in with other services as required.

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