Our Services

Your Aged Care Companion is an Adelaide based business, with local knowledge and staffed by experienced coordinators who will provide you with a range of services to meet your aged care needs. We provide information and advice about aged care options, from accessing in-home services, to sourcing emergency respite, planned respite and permanent care options. We try to go a step further with all our services, so that you can be informed and stay in control of the process.

Annoying Paperwork

If you are feeling overwhelmed by paperwork, invoices and reminder notices, call us. Our accredited aged care professionals will provide you with support to manage paperwork on either an occasional or ongoing basis. We can also provide you with advice and information about other services and link you to these so that you stay engaged, informed and independent.

Exploring the options

Feeling uncertain about whether you are ready to place your loved one in permanent care might mean that you are not ready to do so. Have you explored all of the options? Do you just need some time out and assistance to put strategies and services in place before committing to any significant changes? Speak to us about your concerns and we can discuss options with you.


Sourcing appropriate respite care can be a complex process but we can also help you with this. If you are seeking residential respite, we can provide expert advice about options and about managing care needs once your loved one returns home. Respite can provide an excellent opportunity for the carer to have a well-deserved break, as well as a chance to explore strategies and services for ongoing care. Your Aged Care Companion is pleased to provide this extended service for our clients as part of a holistic approach to meeting the care needs of your loved one.

Permanent Care

There are a number of steps involved in securing a permanent placement, and this can feel overwhelming. Your Aged Care Companion is able to provide advice, liaise with facilities, arrange for tours and manage the necessary paperwork to support you during this process. We also provide you with the reassurance of knowing you have explored all of the available options.

Accessing Respite or Permanent Care

Sourcing a respite or permanent placement can be a difficult and time consuming process. You may have an idea about a facility you would prefer to use, but even then securing a vacancy can be complicated, and waitlists do not always guarantee a placement.

Retirement Living

Your Aged Care Companion provides local knowledge and advice about retirement living options in South Australia.  We can also help you with transitioning from retirement living into other care arrangements when required.

Elderly couple seeking aged care in Adelaide